Frequently Asked Question

Where did the name come from…?

Mother Redcap draws its name from an old English folk tale:

“Old Mother Redcap, according to her tale,
Lived twenty and a hundred years by drinking this good ale,
It was her meat, it was her drink and medicine beside,
And if she still had drank this ale, she never would have died.”

Mother Redcap feels it is important to state that we do not condone this type of lifestyle, ale, or anything English. We just enjoyed the name. There is also no truth to the rumor that the other finalist in the name selection was ‘Keith Richards.' Mother Redcap also refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for any of the above statements that are patently false, purposely misleading or embellished for the sake of good reading. Enjoy the name, enjoy the music, who’s up for a drink?
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The Story of Mother Redcap

Mother Redcap began life as Steve Oakley and Rodger Delany shared a quiet cab ride from West 57th Street back to the Port Authority building. The two founders and life long friends/collaborators had just concluded a meeting with an entertainment lawyer and agreed they had gotten fooled again. They also agreed they had had enough. Enough of suggestions, enough of helpful hints, well intended criticisms etc. They decided to do what ever they wanted to do…  Continued...