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Produced by Tim Sonnefeld and Mother Redcap
Recorded at MilkBoy Studios by Tim Sonnefeld
Additional Tracking by Tommy Joyner, Cody Cichowski, Walt McLeary, and Bill Ingram
Mastered at Studio 4 by Phil Nicolo
Album Design by Bradford M. Wason
Album Concept by Bradford M. Wason and Mother Redcap

The Players
Steve Oakley - Vocals, guitars, and almost the triangle
Rodger Delany - Guitars, vocals, piano, lap steel, stunt drumming on Running in Place, bass on WNFH
Paul Puckerin - Bass, Mandolin, 12 string, harmonium, percussion (bangy shaky things)
John Knorr - Guitars, bass pedals and a very quiet studio presence
Mike Ligthart - Drums, Groltsch® cooler
Zach King - Bartender
Tim Sonnefeld - Feedback, occasional drumming, guitar
Rob Rossi – Drums on WNFH

- All of our fans, friends and family your support is indispensible, vital and greatly appreciated. Special shout out to our personal critics and sounding boards Eric Scott, Ted Karapalides, Ed “Zed” Read, Jeff Hunsberger, Mark Scott and Dennis Pettet. Your insight was invaluable, your criticism essential.
- Tommy, Jamie, Patty, Joel, Cody and the entire crew at MilkBoy even though the video games are outdated, amazing place, amazing people.
- Ed Gandolfi for the Mother Redcap logo
- Chris Richie and Rob Rossi- our brothers from the road who shared the early legs of this journey.
- Ed “The camera adds ten pounds” Farmer- thanks for the killer photos
- Special shout out to Tim for his patience and killer ear(s).

Credit for Mother Redcap - All This Nothing